About Ehsan Victoria

Badan Hal Ehwal Islam dan Pembangunan Insan (EHSAN) Victoria is a registered student organisation affiliated to Education Malaysia and Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA).

One of the purposes for this organisation’s existence is to become an organization that promotes interaction and intermingling between the various Malaysian student organisations in Victoria towards achieving growth in knowledge and human capital training. Besides, EHSAN also acts as an organization that provides a platform that promotes volunteerism and forges strong communal bond among Malaysian from all walks of life.

Mission and Vision of EHSAN

EHSAN aims to educate and promote awareness in Muslim students and the community through holistic and continuous educational services and professional growth training. To achieve that EHSAN depends on its motto which are; ENGAGE, EDUCATE & EMPOWER!


  • Engage: by collaborating with other MSOs in Victoria in doing events, engaging with the local’s government and community by social activities
  • Educate: educating by continuously conducting Islamic classes and talks for student and community development
  • Empower: become the organization that promotes formal and non-formal interaction and intermingling towards achieving growth in knowledge and human capital training
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